Thursday, September 11, 2014

More camping and tball

First time at Two Rivers by Omaha.  Braxton loved Brian's lounger chair!  We loved it so much...we got daddy one for Father's Day!
You can take canoes out, but that's all...
Braxton got to spend the day and overnight at Gma Korths while cousin Emma was there for the week.  We are so lucky that Braxton is able to know his great grandparents!!!
We got 300+day born pheasants!!!!
Braxton was very timid at first...but didn't take long....
And he was holding them...and even helped dip their beaks!!!!
The boys out riding!!!!   How awesome is this!!!!
Thanks Aunt Jen for the baseball pants!   He wanted to "save" them for when he was a real baseball player he said....hmmmm...
I absolutely love this photo!!! From left to right....
Hallie Reich, Callista Reichmuth, Karley Korth, Tyler Reichmuth, ? , Briley Dohmen, Isabella Gaspers, Chance Lindhorst, Cooper Herchenbach(wonder what they were discussing?!) Braxton, Max Stenger, Logan Wiese, Katie Preister 
Pitcher Aaron Reichmuth did amazing with these kids!!!
Run little buddy!!
His cheering crowd was phenomenal!!!!!!   Aunt Kelly and her friend Jaimee drove from Omaha!!, Grandpa and Grandma B (we ate at Klub after and met friends, Steve, Ash, and kids after their game!), Gpa and Gma P, Taylor Bender, and Great Gma Korth!!!!!  What a lucky little boy!!!!
See them by the tree....
Love this family photo!

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