Thursday, September 11, 2014

Waaaaay behind as usual!!!

Playing catch up...backing up to Memorial Day weekend!!! We went up Wednesday night!   Brad returned to work Thursday morning, while Braxton and I stayed there!!!  We missed him like crazy...but Braxton learned a few things hanging out with mom!  We camped at Chief White Crane. So it was a 3 mile bike ride to the fish hatchery and dairy dock!  I was glad we kept the bike cart!  He's a little big, but yet too small to ride his own bike that far!!!

We got to feed the fish, too!
We even packed a lunch and had a picnic!
And of course the dairy dock!
Just relaxing on Gene Werners boat Thursday evening....
Braxton was AMAZED I knew how to start a fire!!!!!!!
We enjoyed Friday at the beach 
Friday night daddy came back!!!  With good news!!   Our boat was fixed!!!!  Captain Braxton!
He came with good news about the boat...and brought Uncle Lyle!
Not sure what they were making...hats!??
Family fun fishing from the beach.  Daddy's favorite camp spot!  Very relaxing!!
Found out our neighbors were clients of mine!  Braxton enjoyed Eden Sauser being there!!!
We boated a lot over the long weekend!  If you fpdrive up the river 8 miles or so, there is Weigand Marina....and ice cream!!!  That may be a tradition to stop there!!!
I caught a fish!!!!
Our very loooong setup;)

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