Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sept 25, 2014 BIKE DAY!!!

What I don't have a picture of...just video, is Braxton learned to ride his bike without training wheels today!!!  He's asked for months to take the trainers off, but honestly, the child can't ride his bike even with them on!  Finally, one Thursday we come to the shop and we start taking the wheels off.  Brad wasn't impressed because he knew he wasn't ready.  I totally agreed, but we were going to practice and attempt to learn.  SO, we (Braxton and I) take them off as Brad stood arms crossed and glared..HA...we get them off, and Braxton hops on.  He pedals out the shop over head door with me holding onto him.  I had given him the speech of falling down and getting back up and etc....Well, I didn't tell him, but I let go, braacing myself for the fall...and GUESS WHAT?!??!  There wasn't a fall!!!!  He pedaled right out that door and kept going!  I was screaming, jumping up and down, while Brad stood in astonishment!  HAPPY DAY!!!!   It did take a little practice starting and stoping with brakes, but he mastered it!  For the next few weeks he would ride his bike along me while I ran.  Such fun.  So proud of him!!!

There was an old house that needed burnt down on the edge of town, so we went to check it out, and Braxton got his picture taken with the Fire Chief!
 He looks so big....
 and long....
 How much is that Monkey in the window??!?!
 Max Stenger and Braxton at the football game...
 First weekend in October we put on our first ever Color Splash (color run)  Our goal was 35, we had over 70!   It was a huge success!   Hoping to make it an annual thing!  Of course it had to be 34 degrees that morning...but we took the sunshine!
 Our awesome crew!  Sara Stenger, Cindy Reichmuth, Myself, and Danielle Herchenbach and the boys!


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