Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's February and I'm still in December!!!

Mr * Mrs Claus
 I surprised Braxton after Santa...with a trip to Plainview by my friend, Sharon.  And we got Flash!  Braxton has never petted a cat until was forced upon him for the 2 hour drive home!
 Didn't take long for them to fall in love with each other....we are still working on Brad though!
 Whenever Brad says, "Braxton, get that cat so he doesn't get ran over" Braxton says, "see dad!  You do care and love hime!"  When really, Brad just doesn't want to see Braxton cry!  Ha  Flash is growing on us all!  He spends the nights in the garage, and the days roaming our neighborhood!  He gets a little house time a few minutes here and there.
 Sleighs for the Classmates
 Brad was gone somewhere, so Braxton and I enjoyed St. Nick at Night at the gym.  He won!
 just taking Flash on a walk....
 High 5's!!

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