Thursday, February 26, 2015

January Hunting 2015!

Just a little fun in the deer stand!
 This little guy is going to be such a great outdoorsman!  He was building a disguise so Brad could put a trap there!   They did catch a few coons and possum I believe!
 He built the tire shop at Lindsay Oil he said.  He also said, "look mom!  I'm Hook"
 Melty Beads is a big deal at the Salon after school.  He makes such great things!!
 Flash aka Fur Ball sun bathing...
 Braxton was playing at the shop in the snow and look who appeared?!!!
 We made a snowman...who quickly melted

 Writing to 100!!!
 Aunt Megan was back in Mid we had Christmas.  Gpa just got a foose ball table...
 I don't save every paper that comes home...but I LOVE the fact that he camoflauged the door!!!

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