Wednesday, February 25, 2015

more Christmas 2014

His cute little hat from Gma & Gpa Preister
 I know she isn't smiling, but she was thrilled with her present from us!
 They all couldn't wait to get their matching pjs on!!
 Well, most of them couldn't wait!  Look at the little poser in the front!!!
 Here it is!!!!!!!!!!!
 And look at the kids!!!!!!!!!!!
 Don't you sleep with new toys?!
 Giving hugs goodbye!!
 She INSISTED on lifting him!!
 Braxton wanted us to take a family picture as the Widhalms were leaving!  Brad was thrilled!The kids all got along so well!!  BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!
 Braxton helping me cut noodles for the chicken noodle soup...just like how we learned when we were little.  
 After Christmas Eve mass

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