Wednesday, February 25, 2015

School Projects

here is our giant carved pumpkin!  He drew it out how he wanted it.  I hate carving!!!
 Disguise a turket at school!
He picked out the woody theme!  Luckily Gma Sheri had an old doll, it made it easier!  Then, he drew in the legs..too cute!!

 The last Wednesday of the month, there is a 1pm early out.  So I took the 3 wild boys for the afternoon!!  They had so much FUN!!!
 Another cool thing at school...Book iT!  If they read 10 books (or in this case, get read to) they receive a book it, which is a personnal pan pizza from Pizza Hut!  He was so proud, and so were we!!!

 Brad was hunting in November, so Braxton was my date for Corey Beller's wedding.  I'd say he was the most handsome boy there!
 We followed Dale Schacher home, the weather was getting pretty bad!

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