Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So, here it is!!! There are a few small things left to be done, but can't be done until 'baby' gets here!!! As you can see, yes, the walls are blue and brown. At 8 weeks along when I decided to start painting, I knew I wanted brown on the bottom and Brad didn't like green for the top, and I didn't like yellow...so, blue it is! (Blue is daddy's favorite color!) The curtains and lamp shade will be made after the baby gets here! As we all know, it won't be hard to turn this room girlie...a little pink will go a long ways!:) Enjoy the pictures!!!


  1. Ah, baby Busselman has such a cute room!!! The baby wall decoration is really cute!! Thanks for sharing. xo xo thr Widhalm's

  2. Ohhh the baby's room is so cute. I love the decorations. See ya in a couple weeks. Kelli

  3. The baby's room is so cute. I love how you have a bookshelf in it. See you tomm. Cora