Monday, March 9, 2009

Look At Me Grow!

Little Busselman just LOVES getting 'it's' picture taken....
For those of you (like me) who needs explaining what they are looking at...
<-- this is a side profile of it looking towards our left, with it's hand in a fist by the mouth and chin...

This one makes daddy and mommy laugh!
<-- Okay, so...this is a 'looking up' shot! What you see is the lips and bottom of the nose...yep, you are looking into the nostrils up the baby's nose!!! Do ya see it?!!

They took measurements of the arm bones, leg bones, size of the head...pretty much everything possible got measured, and they calculate it at 4lbs 7 oz!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. very fun!!! hard to beleive the baby is *so* close to you at all times, yet feels so far away until HE/she will be here!!!

    thanks for posting!!

    Chad says: "its not the baby that likes to get his/her picture taken...its the "little bit of *you know what* in you that likes to have the pictures taken!!! And...maybe now I think boy"
    --he is YOUR brother, sorry :-)

  2. Thanks for posting the new pics of Little Busselman. The room looks great, too, by the way! You look great, too :o)

    Dad & Jody