Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Boys...

Today Braxton got his 2 month shots:( He did really good...even when he got poked. (mom did good too!) After our appointment, he went and hung out with cousin Charli and Harper. Our 12 pounder next to this little almost 7 pounder...looks like a giant! They are 7 weeks apart!


  1. ahhh!!! they will be the same size in no time, and picking on eachother. We have so much to look forward too...
    pinching, biting, hitting, name calling, kicking, spitting, peeing on eachother, being mean to the Charli, poking eachother in the eyes, putting things up their noses and in their ears...
    AND...lots of laughs and good memories that they will share as they get older too! it will be so fun to watch them grow up together and learn together. :-)

  2. What a cute picture! Time will fly by so quickly...enjoy every minute! Love you guys!