Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I was reading up on some things that a 2 month should be doing...I realized that Braxton should be getting a lot more 'tummy time' than he actually was...I have a very hard time putting him down:) So, we put him down and with in minutes, he rolled over!!! Of course, when I tried to get it on tape, he wouldn't do it! Grandma Deb was here yesterday and she got to see him roll over for the 2nd time! Hopefully we can catch it on film!!!


  1. How fun...just think of all the things he will soon be doing! I love the pic of Braxton smiling,he is such a lil cutie!
    The Widhalm's

  2. ...and your world will never be the same again :-)

    it is very exciting when they reach these milestones! way to go braxton!