Sunday, July 19, 2009

First Camping Trip...

Every year the "Preister" clan goes seems there is always something going on, but we made it work this year! We had an ABSOLUTE blast!!! They camped at Timberlake, by Marquette, just south of Central City. Some headed up on Thursday night, some Friday, and we joined up Saturday and Sunday. Braxton did GREAT camping!!! Daddy was pretty excited, especially since he LOVES to camp! There was a lot to do there...swimming, fishing, canoes, paddle boats, the 'blob', horseback riding, paintballing...there isn't a spot for boats or jet skis, since we don't have either of them, it was okay with us:)
It was pretty neat to see how organized this trip was! Everyone worked so good together, preparing meals, cooking, even cleaning up!
Some stayed in campers, other in cabins...we were in Beaver Cabin that slept 10!!! Braxton did his usual, up at 2 and 5 and 8. We tried to make it as 'routine' as possible for him, Brad says I brought the entire house (kitchen sink included) but it worked!
We can't wait to join everyone for camping again next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

getting ready to go camping!!!

hanging with daddy! (NO, I did NOT dress the boys alike, it just happened!)..I swear!

hanging with Grandpa!


  1. Braxton,it looks like you enjoyed being outdoors! I like your camo outfit you look very handsome in it! So Amanda if you didn't plan the camo outfits did Brad?!

  2. It was so good having you there with us camping this year! It is fun and the food is great. Braxton looked so cute in his little camo outfit. We could tell he loved the outdoors...just like his mommy and daddy!