Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just wanted to share some random pictures!!! Braxton is gearing up to crawl soon! He goes from sitting to the crawl position in a flash...looks like we will be "Braxton-proofing" the house sooner than we thought!All these toys and he chooses this!!!...should be easy to shop for him for Christmas:)
This is the look I usually get when I try to feed him...he really is a good eater!

MY his mommy a kiss:)

Chillin' with his bottle...

Playing with Gramma Deb

Checking out Uncle Dillon (he was so fascinated with Dillon...I think it was the hat)

Italic"Really Grandpa?? You wanna buy me a new truck when I turn 16?!"....I'm pretty sure that's what the two were discussing...:)

here's that box again!

Thanks Aunt Jen and Uncle Justin for the Adorable boots and Grandpa and Grandma Preister for the hat!!!

He was supposed to be helping me fold the laundry...

....and he DID NOT want to fold laundry...I think he was trying to hide from me (gets that from his dad)

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  1. very cute!!
    your world will never be the same once he starts crawling! If I were you I would put chains on his feet to keep him stationary :-) He will have so much fun getting into all your pretties!!! fun fun fun!! pretty cute, as always!