Sunday, November 22, 2009

In becoming a parent, I knew there would always be things everyday that would surprise me...some would be good, some would make me mad, some sad, some that will take your breath away...but what I didn't plan on so soon, was this....

....picking my child up from daycare and finding out another kid BIT his forhead!!!!! :) I would like to make it clear that I did not get mad...I was too busy laughing!!! Imagine this 28lb 1 year old, going up to give Braxton a "kiss", but really ends up biting him...poor thing!

it's a little tough to inch above his left eye is two cute little teeth marks

don't worry..the marks faded a few days later

SO, those of you who watch Everybody Loves Raymond will totally know what I'm talking about here!!! If you know the show, then you know who Frank is. Well, I've been telling Brad for weeks that Braxton looks like Frank!!! Frank is this sweet little old man who doesn't have much hair, but what little is there, needs shaped up because it is growing over his ears!!! And, being the hairstylist here, it was driving me NUTS!!!!!!!!!! So, I finally got my way last night and little Frank got the hair around his ears trimmed and tappered up...ahh...I slept well last night!

like I said, there isn't much there...but this looks so much better!

and here is the cast...can you figure out which one Frank is??!?! you understand why Braxton NEEDED his first haircut!

Braxton came down with his 4th cold now..borderline RSV doc he was pretty whiny when we would put him in his bed alone to, daddy getting the good end of the deal here volunteered to nap on the living room floor with him! Don't they look so peaceful?!?!

Hope everyone has a GREAT turkey day!!!!!! and good luck to all you crazies who shop Friday!

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