Saturday, January 9, 2010

Although the new year has just begun, we are experiencing lots of new and exciting things already!!! Braxton has begun to pull himself up on everything and quickly learned how to get back down as well. He is surfing along all the furniture. There are the certain occasions where he pulls himself up on Grandma's end table and looks as if he is doing pull ups, or chin ups because he can't get down(sorry, don't know my exercises) He is constantly chasing after us and pulling himself up our pant legs to get our attention...Brad says he needs a little brother to play with, I say he needs more toys!:) He has learned to drink juice from a sippy cup, and is starting to feed himself things without gagging on them! Ahh...lots going on in Braxton's world...enjoy the pics!

We watched the game at the Nelsen's...where Braxton found himself a new buddie, Halie!
...doesn't look too sure about this...

the kids playing...Kenna*Braxton*Grandpa John*Carson

Cousin Carson sharing his scooter with Braxton

The Busselman Grandkids...
Grandma Sheri*Carson*Braxton*Grandpa John*Kenna

Finally all were healthy and the kids got a play date!!! Braxton shared his tow truck with Cousin Harper

And here's that wagon again! Braxton, Harper, and Protective Big sis Charli all went for a ride around the house!!!
Experiencing his first cracker!!!

...chillin in his pj's and camo hat...

Brad just 'insisted' on spiking his hair:)

Stopping to smile for mom!
Mom says since I can't play with Cousin Conner in Colorado, I can chat with him on the phone!:)


  1. Awwwwwwwwe! I miss the little man :o( Hope we get to see you Sunday for sure! He is changing so much...great pictures! Love you all! XXXOOOPPP

  2. Braxton, you look so handsome in your Huskers hat!!! That's a good thing that he doesn't know what to think of girls yet:) thanks 4 the pics! Hope to see you in mid-march!!! Jen