Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hard to believe that Braxton will be 9 months old this week!!! He hasn't taken off walking alone yet, but he is getting quicker at pulling himself up and surfing along and around furniture! Brad is SO excited...Braxton has been saying "da da da da da" CONSTANTLY!!! I tried telling Brad that it's common to be their first word, but Brad thinks it means 'he' is the favorite:) ...time will tell.....
We recently replaced our living room window and rearranged some furniture, so Braxton thinks he is pretty cool that he can climb up to the window and look the daylight he has a perfect view of daddy's shop~

...sorry Chad, he IS playing with a dodge:(

This chair is just perfect for the 3 of them.....Charli, Braxton, and Harper (wanting to play dominos...)
...and yet another wagon ride thru the Busselman's little house
Do you suppose he has enough toys at his fingertips to keep him entertained?!

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