Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Caught in yet another place he shouldn't have been! It's been interesting watching our house become less cluttered with 'our' things, and more full of TOYS!!! There are certain things we have had to put up and out of site, and some things just got packed away to storage, and some even given to good will. While we decided we were keeping the Grandfather clock, we try everyday to tell him "NO" when he approaches it...obviously he got away this time!
Pretty excited..he found his paci...(it's going to be hard to ditch that thing in a few months!)

His 1st pair of cowboy boots!!!

Ahh...enjoying is first sucker!!! (with the help of his father!)

Getting to hang out with Uncle Dillon

STILL loves this wagon!!! Please pray for warm weather..I cannot wait to go outside!!!!!!!

Ahh...he had a hard day!

I'm not sure who was mroe excited about this pop-up tent...

He is constantly crawling in and out of this thing!
Hmm...hope he doesn't really need these ever!!!

Daddy picked this outfit today...and then he told Braxton when he grows up, he has to work at B&B Repair...this was Braxton's reaction...

...and then Mommy told his Daddy was joking...and this was his next reaction...
...I think daddy wanted to take him to work with him...and Braxton was ready!!!

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  1. He is developing such a personality...and growing up so fast! Great pictures! Love you all! XXXOOO