Friday, February 5, 2010

We have a 18 lb, 2ft 4 1/2 inch tall little boy!!! :) ....who is becoming very 'into EVERYTHING!' From pulling himself up and ripping everthing off the fridge, to cleaning out the cupboards that are within reach, to surfing along furniture and letting go, to trying to climb into the bath tub fully clothed, to trying to get within reach of the toilet (to throw who knows what in there!), to trying to climb continuously up your leg, and my new favorite-he crawls under something and cannot figure out how to get out, or why he can't stand up under it......get the idea?!?!?!? He's EVERYWHERE:) and SO much FUN!!! He is still constantly saying, ' da da da', and an occasional, 'mum', and the typical jabber that we are yet to figure out! It's been exciting watching him walk behind and push his toys all over the place. He is your typical boy who randomly falls down over nothing, has bumps and scrapes already. We are hoping that 2010 will bring less germs to our house. It's so hard to keep track of how many colds he has had now..11 I think, but we are thankful it's nothing major. He always manages to get over whatever he has, and over it just in time to get the next illness...Our eye and an ear infection...

enjoying a car ride with dads help
instead of going to bed, he decided to surf his toy box, and this is what we came up with

big boy pulling himself up to anything he possibly can

this is when he had pink eye and ear infection..he found 3 paci's he tried to jam into his mouth..all at once!
little chef helping (or teaching) mom how to cook...and here we go with the faces. This is his sad face after being told "NO!" He is great for pouting out that bottom lip!and Oh so HAPPY:)
had to show off that bottom tooth...there are 2 on top, and the other bottom one is slowly coming in
...and... not sure what face we have here!?

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  1. Miss him...miss him...miss him! Grmpa has seen him but it has been too long for Grma! he is growing up so much! Love you all!