Monday, March 22, 2010

Everyday is a fun day, but lately Braxton has been doing some 'boy' things that seem to make us laugh constantly!

Lately Braxton has been plucking things out of places one by one...such as the laundry out of the basket, his clean diapers out of the basket, and now his bibs under his hi chair...this morning he decided to pull them ALL out one by one!
okay..this isn't as bad as it looks, he really only got to eat the bottom doughy peppers or onions yet...

he will walk a few steps and then dive for whatever is near! Kind of looks like he is running:)

he has been biting his hi chair lately...silly!

you can tell Gpa John was more excited than Braxton

Logan (Wiese) and Braxton***Best Buds!

OKAY!!! FINALLY!!! The wagon goes outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes, mom was pretty pumped to get this out of her living room!!! Braxton got an hour long ride in this, then another hour in the stroller. I'm pretty sure he is going to HATE being inside now.

My absolute FAVORITE! Every night he sleeps with his legs tucked under and his bottom in the air...I fianlly got a picture...he will hate this photo someday..sorry bud!

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  1. Ohhhh! I miss him! I need a Braxton "fix" real soooon. Love the pictures! I have one of my son in his crib sleeping the same way...funny! XXXOOO!!! Grma P