Monday, April 5, 2010

HAPPY EASTER!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend! What a beautiful day to have been outside! I have been a little camera happy these Enjoy all the pictures in a not-so-orderly fashion..sorry:)

Braxton got a swing and LOVED it!!!

The Busselman's on Easter

...wondering how he can keep up with his cousins on the Easter egg hunt?!

he passed up 3 eggs...he was after the water fountain

Braxton and Daddy:)

This wasn't a "SO BIG" picture...he wanted picked up NOW!!!

playing with his new ball from Gma & Gpa B

Braxton & Mommy:)

Silly Lyle and Braxton

Daddy*Braxton*Mommy at Aunt Jen's house in Colorado

Enjoying a beautiful day at the park in Colorado:)

Cousin Conner was such a help combing Braxton's hair

Aunt Jen just had a baby so Braxton thought he would help out with the chores early one morning:)

Mom was more into this picture than anyone...

Cousin Conner tried over and over to give Braxton hugs...Brax just wasn't into it...

Baby Londyn idea who bought her that shirt:)

Conner is a WILD little boy!!!

...and a little sweatheart trying to help Braxton drink big boy milk out of a big boy cup!

Conner*Aunt Jen* and Braxton reading books before bed!

No your eyes aren't fooling you...the water is supposed to be ORANGE! FUN!...Pretty sure they WILL NOT like this picture in years to come...

Baby Londyn
Found a tent!!!
He played with every toy that Aunt Jen had in her house!!(which is A LOT!!!)

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  1. Great pictures of everyone! Thnaks for posting, Amanda!