Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wow!!! What a FUN day we had!!! Braxton celebrated his birthday party with the majority of his Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, Gma's and Gpa's, even Great Grandparents...and friends!!! He got SO many presents...there isn't enough space to post pictures of it all!! (I'm SERIOUS!) THANK YOU to everyone who came and spent the afternoon with us! Brad, Braxton, and I had SO much fun!!!!!!!! SO much fun, that it's 10:15pm and Braxton just got a second...or maybe third wind and is up playing toys with daddy....(YAWN!) His birthday is April 27th, and I'm sure more pictures will be up soon...Have a great week everyone!

I would LOVE to take credit for these awesome and yummy cakes, but I had them made...
Daddy bought Braxton CHICKENS...YEA..CHICKENS!!!

Brad was SOOOOOOO excited to give Braxton his tractor!!!

He got a very nice package in the mail from the Widhalms...he was mowing the kitchen all afternoon...THANKS!!!...can't wait to put him in his PUMA outfit:)

...Neither of them look too sure about each other...:)

Really wasn't too into "diving" into the cake...must not have a sweet tooth like mom!

ah...thanks Aunt Kelly for the bow...:)

Had to have the PINATA!! Good thing cousin Carson had muscles to break it...
P.S...Ya'll forgot to take the candy home with you!!!!!!!!!!

He got a KAWASAKI 4 wheeler!!!!!!And LOVE LOVE LOVES IT!!!
Wasn't too into the picture taking..he had so many toys to get after!!!
Thanks again for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had SO much fun sharing the day with ALL of you!!!!!!!!

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