Monday, June 7, 2010

JUST LISTED!!! LAKE SIDE PROPERTY............... (for a limited time)

This is what it looks like across from our shop! A little rain goes a long way! I was told every other year this field gets flooded in far it is holding to be true!

Jody gave me this rose bush in a small pot when I had Braxton a year ago...I cannot believe how much it grew:)

Braxton has been getting to spend some time at B & B Repair...

He giggled so hard when the water hit his face...

While working on the deck...Braxton decided it was break time...with daddy's mug of iced tea...

ah...he was such a help handing me the screws! yep, I put every single screw in...crooked and all!:) Looks like carpentry isn't for me

Enjoying some supper...At the zoo in Colorado...these little "animals" would come up to you! They even took a little goldfish cracker from a little girls' hand!!
I'm not even sure what they are looking at...but HOW CUTE!
Conner(almost 3) Charli (almost 4) Braxton (one)

The 3 of us at Braxton's first zoo!

He wasn't quite sure why the giraffe got his cracker!?

Really...Brad isn't asleep...we are in who knows?!?!?

Grandpa & Braxton:)
Brad, Londyn, & I
Our newest Godchild:)
WHEW!!! Braxton (1) Harper (almost 1) Charli (almost 4) Conner (almost 3) Londyn (3 mnths)

One proud little boy on his 4 wheeler:) the end of a hard day of playing.......

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  1. Really great pictures, Amanda! Love the one of Braxton in the tub...precious! We are looking forward to watching him again soon. He is really growing up and so fun! Glad the little rose bush is doing well :o) XXXOOO