Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all Dad's!!!!!!
Hope all had a great day:)
I treated the 'boys' in my life to Father's day brunch...followed by some random errands, and then lounged the rest of the day. I even let Brad grill supper for me...I figured it was Father's day and was his treat that I didn't cook:) I did make dessert though. Double layer chocolate cake for those of you who want to stop by-plenty of extra:)
I pulled this picture out from last year's Father's Day....WOW, how things have changed since then...I don't think you will ever see another picture of Brad holding Braxton crying...these 2 are such BUDDIES!!! Braxton is DADDY'S BOY without a doubt :( Poor mom :(

Life is pretty tough around here at the Busselman house
...and we were all showered and in pajamas and ready for bed. Made a quick trip to the shop where he found a FUN mud puddle. It was followed by his 4th bath of the big deal:)

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