Monday, July 5, 2010

***HAPPY 4th OF JULY***
What a great weekend!! We got the camper out for the 2nd time...and WHAT FUN! We headed up to Calamus Friday-Sunday...Braxton has such a BLAST camping! He plays in the dirt...sits in mud puddles any chance he gets...and RUNS away at every given chance!!! ( Is this what people mean when they say, 'boys are busy'!?) We can't wait to go again this weekend!
We went to a party Sunday night to watch some fireworks...Braxton was pretty scared at first, but by the end, he was having a ball! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

Braxton and his friend, Callista--cruisin round...
Logan*12 months*Callista*13 months*Braxton*14 months*

...caught in action running away:)

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  1. Sounds like you are really enjoying your new camper! What a perfect thing for your little family to do...Braxton will cherish the memories as will you, too. Summer is certainly passing quickly. It will soon be the Preister Campout weekend...YIPPEE!!!! See you there! XXXOOO