Monday, August 23, 2010

We celebrated Brad's 10 year class reunion last weekend! What a blast!! We headed down to Kansas City for a night out on the town, followed by Oceans/Worlds of Fun the next day!
8 were able to attend...out of 14 I think?? If I am correct, 10 are married, 9 have children, and 3 are expecting! I would say life these past 10 years after high school have been pretty great for all! We wish everyone could've made it, but summers are so busy for everyone!
It was super hard leaving Little man behind, but it was a nice weekend away spent with great friends!! Here are a few pictures...
Vickie*(James)*Nicole(Dale)*Jessica(Scott)*Amanda(Brad)*Jaime(Eric)*(not pictured Sara(Les
Seems weird to have a picture of us 2...and not us"3"

Braxton and his buddy Logan
He now loves to blow bubbles...even got to taste them...oops!
Brad really likes when I offer 'horseback' rides for Braxton!!!

Fishing at the Lindsay Puddle...this is the type of picture you get when you are taking it yourself...Sorry Uncle Lyle you didn't make the photo!(that's what you get for making me take my own fish off the hook!!!)
It was so funny...Brad pulled up his chair, so Braxton pulled up the tackle box and made himself a chair

Looks like a little fisherman:)

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