Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CAMPING again!!! We had a blast with the Preister clan camping this past weekend! We go every year to Timberlake by Central City. It is so nice and peaceful!!! They have the blob, a rock climbing wall, a zip cord, paddle boats, canoes, ice cream parlor, and much more! Braxton enjoys the freedom he has up there! He runs every which way and no one stops him! He has been getting a little into EVERYTHING!!! Sunday, for example, I watched him pull out the kitchen table chair, climb onto it, climb onto the table, and attempt to 'jump' off! Then, Monday morning I watched him open the toilet lid, and yes,...insert his shoe into the toilet:( Ah, the crazy things boys do:) (let me explain that I was standing there and it happened so fast I couldn't stop him!!!) So, life around the Busselman house been very funny lately....just a few pictures for you:)

He loves to ride in his car seat...THANKFULLY!

Okay...pardon the outfit...he IS wearing cowboy boots with shorts...I KNOW!
He was making his 'tractor' sounds...kind of looks like he is yelling at me!!
He helped me can corn...last week I was watering flowers while he sat in the garage and shucked an ear of corn and attempted to eat it!!! RAW!!(mother of the year again!)
This was last year in his pool.................
....and getting it ready for this year!!! (I think he weighs the same as last year...but maybe grew a little more hair:)

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