Saturday, October 9, 2010

...and so the yard goes on...
We are still working on the big yard project! I am glad to say it is nearing the end for this year! With what some would say, a few minor set backs, ( I would say major), we did get the forms up, walls poured, and we will be bringing in LOADS of dirt in the next few weeks and finishing up! With plans to plant a yard this next spring and put up a privacy fence so our little man doesn't fall off a 6'6 wall!!! It was pretty cool to see such big equipment in our yard! Braxton was completely amazed at all that was going on!

This was the huge pump truck we had to order to get our walls done...
...had a little mishap with the cement...yep, it's not supposed to be poured all over like that:(

I know it looks like we make our child do chores, but I swear he wanted to help wash off the shovels!!! Monkey see, monkey do--he tries to do everything his father does!

Of course we had to do the hand prints!!! Wouldn't be right to just let cement look normal and smooth.
Braxton really wanted to be Taylor's date for homecoming...he even cried when she left! Ah, chasing after girls already:)

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