Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!! Brad, Braxton and I spent the holiday in Fountain, Colorado with my (Amanda's) Sister, hubby, and 2 kids! It was a great drive both ways! We have made the 9 hour trip a few times now, and each time we get nervous, but it's for nothing because Braxton travels so well! Whew!!! My sister is a FABULOUS cook/baker, so we of course gained our holiday 'pounds'! The kids played every toy are some pictures for you to enjoy...Conner (3) and Braxton (now 19 months!)...thanks for that reminder Jen:)
Since anyone reading this blog is old enough to know..."Santa" bought this black and decker work bench for Braxton, and I'm so excited because he had a BLAST with Conner's! Good Job Santa!
Nothing like a beating a horse while it's down...I attempted to give the kids 'horsy' rides...what a chore...good thing our boys are skinny dudes!!!
"Baby" Londyn is 8 months old and LOVED her Uncle Brad! I am sad to say I was a little (lot) jealous, but she chose Brad over me...She's too young to know better!!!:)
You can see the boys had a blast!!!
Reading books to the, I need to get an Ipad...or whatever it's called..Fun Stuff!!!
Baby Londyn riding 'auggie doggie'...So FUN!!!
He was lounged on our way home...
THANKS SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have NO IDEA where this little kitty came from, but he/she (haven't gotten that info yet) was waiting for us and is the nicest kitty ever! It has been around all evening, even followed me to the shop tonight and back home! Braxton LOVES kitties, so THANKS to whoever sent him our way, and I'm sorry to whoever is now missing their pet:)
..OHhhh...and One more suprise we got when we got home...Aunt Kelly!!! Braxton was pretty excited to share his tent with her! Thanks for stopping:) Grandma and Grandpa came too, but didn't make any pictures....oops...
So, as you can see, Braxton had a GREAT long weekend...will be curious how the week starts tomorrow...Happy Monday to all!!!

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  1. Thanks for traveling to Colorado to see us. Conner
    And Londyn had a blast!! I can't believe how
    Much Braxton changed since memorial weekend!!
    Glad we got to spend our thanksgiving with you all!!
    Hoping we can see you at Christmas?!