Tuesday, November 23, 2010

...and "it" strikes yet again!!! :( Yep, the flu hit Braxton late Friday night, early Saturday morning, and then hit mommy and Grandma Jody Monday--we are HOPING it stops there!!! Thankfully Brad was gone hunting again, and I can't believe it, but he did NOT get a deer! He didnt' seem to bummed about it. We will be traveling to Colorado (YAY!) for Thanksgiving, so getting it butchered and jerky made before then wasn't really an option. SO, unless he saw a 'wallhanger' for my living room, he wasn't going to shoot just anything. (Can't say I'm bummed either!) Although, now it's fair game for me in December to bring the "wall hanger" home!!! Ahh, the competition between a husband and wife:)
We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your time spent with family and friends! I will have TONS of pictures to share with you when we get home! I can't wait to see how our 'non-sharing 1 1/2 year old' does with his 3 1/2 year old cousin and 8 month old cousin...hmm, should be interesting! Happy shopping to all you CRAZIES out there!!!

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