Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend spent with loved ones!!! We started the holiday weekend off to Uncle Lyle stopping by and giving Braxton a motorized MOTORCYCLE!!! Brad and I sold both our bikes this year, and now Braxton gets one...something wrong with that?!?! Next, we went onto Columbus to the Preister's where Braxton made a haul there...trucks, remote control cars, barnyard farm set, tools.... onward home so Santa could come to our house by morning light...Braxton was THRILLED to wake up...Boy oh boy, Braxton must've been SUPER GOOD this year...he got SO Many presents... a tool bench set, books, puzzles, slippers, John Deere Cowboy boots, skidloaders, semi and trailer...Ah, silly Santa brought WAY TO MUCH!!! We went to Brad's parents' Christmas afternoon where I realized that we will A) need to build on B) move, or C) stop having children :) He got a train set, a horse on rockers, cowboy hat:), bath toys, oh my goodness!!! We even had to go hop in Grandma Sheri's tub and play!!! Next, leads us to Sunday, we went to Great Grandma Korths house...in which he got a zhu zhu pet a.k.a a rat! It is the cutest little bugger. .. and Braxton LOVES it! I know I'm forgetting half his toys, but you get the idea! SO, needless to say NO MORE TOYS at the BUSSELMAN HOUSE for awhile...(YA RIGHT!!!) We had a great weekend and hope all of you did too! Hope everyone has a SAFE and FUN New Year's Eve!!! I'm super smart and getting teeth pulled....so, we will see how that goes... HAPPY 2011

Daddy enjoyed this gift just as much as Lil Man
Checkin' out the chicken from Grandma Deb...

No no these are not his JD boots...these are mommy's....hey, at least they matched his outfit!
His favorite gift right now is the skidloader...just like Grandpa Bob's and Uncle Chad's!!!

Silly Harper and Braxton
Looking for a horsey ride....I think it is so cute how boys are 'boys'...he loaded his capn' crunch into the skidloader bucket and was eating it out of there instead of the bowl....

The Busselman Family
Grandmas Jody and Braxton being silly....
Grandpa showing him how his new remote control firetruck goes...

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