Sunday, January 2, 2011

HAPPY 2011!!!
Happy New Year!
We brought in the New Year up town at the Lindsay bar. It was a great time being out with friends! Thanks to Gma & Gpa B for keeping Braxton over night...
We had a very fun weekend being home with Braxton!!! Saturday we played so many toys, and went to church, (I'm thankful the cryroom was packed--Braxton was entertained by all the adorable kiddos his age!) and after church Gma & Gpa B stopped by with Kenna & Carson...the kids had fun playing and showing off to one another.
Today, (Sunday) Brad took off early this morning to take our dogs hunting (it's ALL about the dogs:) So, Braxton helped me take down all our Christmas decor---I know, I know, it's too soon, but if you've never been to our house, then you don't understand how limited we are on space! He did a great job putting ornaments away and carrying things to the storage room with me! He is SUCH a helper. It amazes me each day how much older he is acting! I love it!!!
Then, tomorrow, back to the normal swing of things...Hope everyone has a great start to the year!
Braxton enjoys going up and down the steps alone! (still makes me nervous!)
I really don't know what we are doing here...but it must've been funny to us both:)

Brad & Braxton were 'fixing' my light fixture...
His favorite thing right now is dragging random things into our bedroom and playing...

We've been spending a lot of time outside sledding! I swear it takes 20 mins to get him then we have to stay outside for so long to make it worth while!
Carson*Kenna*Braxton...checking out to see if Gpa is still at the table...
Carson is big into "wrestling", so he was teaching Braxton some moves...he didn't seem bothered by Carson body slamming him...haha
Say hello to our new 'puppy'. He is big into 'pretending' he is a puppy. Even carries a puppy puppet around (from daycare) and pants like a dog...oh let the games begin:)
Good luck to those of you who set new year's resolutions...and best of luck sticking to them! I am terrible, so I decided not to even attempt...I'm a quitter before starting:)

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  1. Fun pictures! Keep 'em coming! Sometimes I have to catch up, but eventually I do! :o)