Sunday, February 13, 2011

67* DEGREES TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it?!?! What a beautiful Sunday! I didn't accomplish much today that I wanted...we did though start are day off with church, followed by a quick errand/neccessity trip to Norfolk while the boys slept (JEALOUS!) and then cleaned, and off to play practice! Yep, I said it, I am in the town play at the end of March! I can't believe how much fun I am actually having with it! I will keep you all posted with dates and times!

Brad and I actually had an 'abnormal' week last week. We went to VEGAS for 5 days!!! AHHH...WHAT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We missed Braxton like CRAZY, but it was nice for "us" to have some time together as well! We went out with another couple, which they were a BLAST! I guess that's about all I can know how it goes...what happens if Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Hee hee

Thanks Again to ALL the Gmas & Gpas for taking such GREAT care of our lil man!!! Before we left, Braxton 'insisted' on helping me clean...why can't his father????

In attempt to weigh our luggage, Braxton wanted to weigh in...weighing in at 22lbs...YAY!!! (while eating string cheese:)

The boys 'coloring' so nicely...


...this sad little picture is what happens when Braxton repeatedly stands up on the furniture... he stood so nicely next to the snowman, without touching him...WHY? is my snowman out yet??I do not know...

Standing infront of the water light show! How PRETTY!
Ya just can't go anywhere without running into someone you know! Brad and I posing...with Larry Wiese to join...HA
Girls just wanna have fun....
We ran into MORE people we knew in Vegas...I'm the 'cow', Brad the 'fireman', Lyle the 'pimp', Barbie the 'pirate'?, Wiese the 'cock', Alan the 'joker' and Brad the 'clown', I would say all the parts fit everyone QUITE well....HAHAHAHA!!!

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