Thursday, February 24, 2011

Braxton's new thing while I attempt to take a picture is to say, "cheeseburger":) Funny little boy! As much as I HATE to admit this, he has been showing a few signs of the....yep, I'm gonna say it,...the "terrible 2's"!!! The tattle-tailing on daddy and grandpa has been pretty funny, though:)
I made the dumb mistake of telling someone that Braxton hasn't been to the dr since 15 months, and is almost 2!!!...Boy was that a jinx or what! RSV the very next day:( There were some cases of it at his daycare, so to be expected. He seems to be getting over his hacking each and everyday!
I try to take Thursdays off for 'housework' and catch up on 'things', but lately I have been working M-T-W-Thursdays-F and Saturdays, so you can IMAGINE what our house looks like...just picture a mini tornado passing thru:( So, it was WONDERFUL to have 1/2 the day off today!!! Braxton and I have accomplished SO much! We even finished taxes (tooting my own horn here!) Braxton has been a BLAST today!!!
............if only I could find him..............

Braxton had so much fun when Gma & Gpa P stopped by:) little grocer shopper...
...and he is SOOOOOOOOO GOING to HATE me someday for this!! He really wasn't posing, but it sure looks that way!!! Sportn' the new cars undies:) (sorry Brad, had to post it!) I now call him Tom!!!haha
Cool shades from Vday!
our own little Shrek...he watches daddy clean his ears after, monkey see, monkey do very own mechanic!!! I heard this 'noise' and this is what I find...He's got a screwdriver in one hand and a hammer in the other, with the cycle tipped on it's side...he said it was 'broken'. I assume it's a harley:0)hahaha...just teasing Gpa Bob!
..and this is the 'cheeseberger' shot:)
Have A GREAT weekend Everyone!!!

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