Sunday, February 27, 2011

We have at our house...a puppy, a cow, a kitty, and now a 'baby'! These are some of the things Braxton's imagination has been coming up with! There are many kids younger than Brax at daycare, so he likes to play 'baby'...He looks so funny, he's SO big:)

Braxton and Daddy made me a birthday cake!!!!Double-layer chocolate!!!MMM!!! We will forever be giving this child rides in something I swear! We had to tote him around in this all afternoon:)

Braxton got 2 sleepovers at Gma B's this weekend!!! (Thanks Gma)We have never gone out 2 nights on the weekend since we had him...and although it was SO fun to hang with friends, I don't think I will go out that much again! It's so hard to start the week off 'behind on sleep'. Braxton had to take his big ol blanket to Gma's for the slumber party!
Hope everyone had a great February, and happy March is around the corner:)

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