Monday, June 6, 2011

...Someday I promise I will stop taking pictures of my son playing in the tub...But he's only 2 and therefore I find it cute!

We have been traveling to Columbus a lot lately for baseball/teeball games and LOVING them! McKenna plays coach pitch on Tuesday nights, Carson on Wednesday nights, and Charli on Thursdays..WHEW!!! And Braxton LOVES to watch them all play! He has learned that 'Gampas' buys him m&m's at all games! So, when we are at home, he wants to learn to play, too:) Look Out!!! The ball is coming at ya!!!
Another day of being worn out after playing hard!!!

(my little helper`` is trying to hit 'buttons' as I update the blog:))
We went camping to Yankton over Memorial Day weekend and had so much fun! Lots of friends from Lindsay were there, too! ( it was a chilly morning)

All weekend Braxton wanted to 'drive' Gene's boat...While Brad was putting the life jacket on, I asked what that handle in the back of the jacket was...turned around to this...Brad says that's what it is for:)

I'm not sure, but I think it was equally FUN for the boys!!!

He must've learned to hold hands from Cousin Charli and Harper...this is his new thing in the car.."momma, hold my hand peas"....I LOVE IT!!! And Loved it even more when he told dad, "no, just mommy hand"...hee hee It isn't too often mom trumps dad!...okay, NEVER!

...gotta have chocolate pudding when you camp!.....(if you notice the streak across the front of his head, I forgot to mention we had a little mishap in the boat...we hit a bump and Braxton took a tumble that knocked him silly out! He's OKAY I assure you:) He was honking the horn to the boat shortly after.

( my little helper just tells me, 'it's okay momma, i push a button'--he REALLY likes to play on the computer too)

This is BRAxton Standing with hiS new FROG, hERMAN...( AND yes, he found the caps lock button right now)

New swimming pool that Brad thought he just had to get for Braxton:)

ah...a picture with momma:) That's my new name I guess

I am aware we do NOT have it that bad...but we were bummed Saturday morning to see what Friday nights storm did to our new fence. The 70+mph wind pulled the anchors right out of the cement!!!

...the boys will get it figured out!

The roof blew off the well shed across the street from us...

When I ask for a 'smile and say cheese' , this is the new thing I get in return...

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