Monday, June 27, 2011

  • Why?

  • Why?

  • Why?

This is the 3 letter word I have heard drives parents CRAZY...but we are only 2 days into it, so it is still cute:) On Saturday I was hooking up Braxton's large trailer to his small tractor, trying to explain it won't work, and that's when I got the, "why?" And since then, that is ALL I hear!!!:)

  • "Braxton, let's change out of our jammies and go to Jackie's"...

  • "Why mommy?"

  • "Braxton, please pick up your toys."

  • "Why mommy?"

  • "Braxton you can't wear JD cowboy boots with khaki shorts!"

  • "Why mommy?"

Everyday is something new at our house! He has been trying so hard to hold up his pointer finger and middle finger and show you that he is two...but having that thumb hold down the other two fingers in hard when you are a little guy:) So for now, his two pointer fingers will work.

Braxton has really been a daddy's boy it was time to show him that mommy can be fun, too:) (ha daddy!) Brad was 'garfing' (Golfing) as Braxton calls it, so we decided to work on the landscaping at the shop some more...I am transplanting hostas (because they are coming out my ears at the house!) and then river rocking, etc...which required me to drive the skidloader...OH YEA!!!! Mommy is now the COOLEST!!!:) (until tomorrow when Brad out does me with something else!)

It is amazing to watch Brad and Braxton together! You can just watch the two of them and see Brad's eye twinkle with every move Braxton makes! They are best buds thats forsure!!!

Everynight before bed is when Braxton and I get to snuggle and say prayers...On Monday night we were praying for our friends, as she was in labor to have their little girl...

"for Kayla's little girl....

"mommy, I want a baby grrrl",

"you do?"


"where would she sleep?"

"not in Baxton's bed, that my bed"

"nope, not in B(r)axton's bed"

"hers sleep in hers bed"

"where would 'hers' bed go, our house is too small"

"umm...hers bed go in da camper"

And this is one of them times....don't ya just love what kids come up with?!?!?!?!?!?

Braxton is big into taking naps ANYWHERE but in his bed...
Enjoying a yummy marshmallow around the campfire*

...and this is what I meant when I said daddy does all the fun stuff:)

For Father's Day weekend, we went to Pierce camping with my parents, and Brad's parents! What a fun time!!! Braxton LOVED showing off in front of his 'gampas' and 'gammas'...and especially Aunt Kelly!

Way to go remembered a riding toy this time!!!

I SWEAR Grandpa didn't really let go!! When he talks about Grandpas now, it is either, "Gammpa John", or "Gammpa Bob"...then he usually talks about a motorcycle:)

It's tuff being this cool....

...and Best Friends are made!!! Harper turned "2" on Fathers Day! So, we jumped out of camping for a bit and went to his FUN party! The boys FINALLY played together and were running and screaming and having a blast!!!

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