Friday, August 5, 2011

I Help....

Braxton and I made ewwy-gooey fudge chocolate chip peanut butter filled cupcakes to take to "jackie's house" aka daycare... They didn't get done til late Thursday night, but right away Friday he remembered!! And was SO proud to carry them in this morning! He is (kind of) learning to share...;)

Brad pretty much made the sweet corn this was his turn, right?! He had the best helper ever. Braxton didn't understand that he couldn't use a knife, so he got himself a fork:)

...and did EXCELLENT putting it into the bags! (one scoop went in the bag, and a handful in his mouth!)

It's so fun to squirt Papa Bob with his new pink :/ gun

It's a dark picture, but these cool dudes had their shades on ridin' the harley and Braxton wanted his picture taken:)

Don'tcha know that cowboys wear puma?!?

This makes me chuckle..small story..we are NEEDING new carpet, so we got samples laying around, and he has decided that is his new 'rug' where he enjoys snacks now. Who needs carpet, we will just buy samples:) and the easy cheese, yea, it's much yummier to squirt it directly into our mouth I guess!


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