Sunday, August 21, 2011

I think it is safe to say it...we are diaper free at our house!!!!!! One night watching the hunting channel, Brad told Braxton he could go turkey hunting if he wasn't in diapers anymore! So, he runs to me telling me "mommy, I wanna wear nun-derwear". Knowing that was a longshot of it working, we threw the 'cars' undies on and a few accidents later, 3 days later, we were ready to be A BIG BOY!!! I'm sure there will still be accidents, but I suppose that's expected! It has been a month and a half of NO DIAPERS and Brad and I AND Braxton are ALL EXCITED!!!

We have collected pampers-gifts to grow points- from out diapers for 2 years and 3 months, olny to end up 2 points away from the largest prize---the BIG WHEEL! Thankfully Brenda borrowed us a few, and we got it!! All in all I suppose the big wheel costs us a mere $6,000...we are still excited to have gotten something! He was SOOO excited to find it when he got home from school!

The rule hasn't changed. Braxton is still not allowed to sleep in our bed, but when he gets up at 6:30, I go shower and tell him to go wake daddy. This is the 2nd time I have come back to this...HOW CUTE!!! (notice they both even have their mouths hanging open! Sorry Brad!)
We started one Friday taking treats to the kiddos at school, and now it is an every week thing for Braxton. He was so excited to make this school bus cupcake cake!

This one made Braxton giggle, he told me, "it looks like Miss Brandi mom!"

For those of you who know me, you know it was a BIG step for me to let Braxton have playdo.. as I H.A.T.E playdo!!! The smell freaks me out...but I'm learning to get over it! Braxton LOVES to 'dig dirt' in the yard, or sand box, but when it rains, we can' he has adjusted by settling for clumps of playdo to bulldoze!

Grandpa Bob, do you have to work on your Harley this often, too?!??!!?:)

I love pillow pets!

So sad I missed out on this...I was working my long shift at the bazaar, but I hear thanks to Cousin Carson, Braxton had no problem going down this slide over and over! Towards the end of the night I got to see him go down it, ended up in me freaked out as he caught air and did end over end unplanned summer saults! And he loved it:)

We didn't get the B&B Repair or Xpress Salon car in this round, but he was still excited to ride. Tyce, Braxton, Marley & Zoey...a few of them are Future Bulldogs:)

he L.O.V.E.S this slide at school!

...and shocked me by starting off on his bottom, to turning to his belly, to ending face first! I guess the 2 year old daredevil is coming out!

I think Brad had a little more advantage! (they were seeing who could get higher)

They were 'poppin a wheely' on the tire swing!

I swear he really was giggling...I think you can see it in his eyes! Brad likes to roll him up like a hot dog and tickle his toes...poor kid!

he started with his silly 'cheese' smile! We were making a project 'for my daddy' he tells me.

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