Sunday, November 27, 2011

One Little...Two Little...Three Little Indians...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful to have spent Thanksgiving 2011 with Family!!! (with many surprises!)

I was SO thankful to get to host my first Thanksgiving for my Preister family! I was a little curious to see if my food would all time out at the same time, and it did! WHEW!

Great Grandpa Alan, (the tow truck and the es-ca-bader), Braxton, & Brad

(When we say our prayers at night, Braxton will bring up Grandpa Alan first...Braxton LOVES this man!!!)
Charli, Harper, and Braxton. I thought 2 horses was plenty, looks like we may need a 3rd--KIDDING---NO ONE take that as a hint------I DOOOO NNNOOOTT WWAANNNTT AANNOOTTTHHEERR HHHOORRSSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 little wild indians and a Grandpa Bob (with a mouse on his finger!)


Friday night the Widhalms got here!!!!! This is sweet little Londyn Claire and Braxton! She is almost a year younger than Braxton, but may weigh the same?!?!:) She is SO mellow!!!

I would tell Londyn to lay down so I could tickle her...she would say, 'kay...tickle' Aww!! And Conner thought it was more fun to tickle Aunt Manda!

Yes, my child was as wild and naughty as this picture looks!!!

These 2 just hung out here!!!

Braxton said, 'i'm thirsty for milk mom'...and when I turned around, he was helping himself to the milk! Self-sufficient!
(pardon my messy fridge!)

This was our tree @ the Festival. In the far left corner was our bulldog who escaped his fence...pulling our tree over...what you can't see is our awesome bowl of blue and white LHF bulldog M&M's.....MMMM!!!

I hope everyone had a GREAT holiday weekend!!! Brad's littlest sister Megan and husband, Chad, are we will have another week of family!!!

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