Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brad and Braxton took off on Friday for Red Cloud to deer hunt!! I'm not sure who was more anxious to go...they had a great trip!!! I stayed back to have a tree at our Festival of Trees, and I had to work many places this weekend! If you missed out on our Festival, YOU MISSED OUT!! It was great and DELICIOUS!!! I believe it's every 2 years!

When Brad was packing up his gun, Braxton had to get his in there, too! For some odd reason this brought tears to my eyes! My little man is growing up...
Photos...compliments of Brad:)

I guess when Brad was unloading things into the deer stand, he told Braxton to wait and watch out the window...he listened well:)

A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E!!! He even has his 'ears' on!

yes, he did come home on a sugar high!!

While I missed my boys SO MUCH, it is plain to see they were too busy to miss me;/ I am glad Brad got this experience with Braxton. He seems awful young to have gone along, but from the stories I am hearing, it was a good time had by all!!!

When we were driving tonight, he randomly chants..."ha ha ha mommy, you didn't get to go deer hunting"

He has quite the imagination lately...In target the other day, we were buying gifts for some friends who are expecting. I came across a client, and he proceeded to tell her that, 'My mommy has a baby grrl in her tummy" and "I get a little sister" Oh, it gets better....we go to Brodkeys and he is still munching on his chicken strip from lunch...the gentlemen working says, "You got a big ol piece of chicken!" and Braxton follows with, "You're a BIG OL MAN!" YIKES!!! This is terrible and mean, and wrong of me, but in Braxton's defense, have ya'll walked by Brodkeys?! ...if so, you know my child tells no lies.......except the target conversation....THAT is IMAGINATION!!!!!!!!!! ( just to clarify and clear things up!!!)

While cleaning the bathroom tonight, Brax hopped on the scale and I said, "WHEW!! 20 pounds!!!"....he jumps back with, 'no, mom, 23 pounds'.......Not sure where that came from...but he was pretty accurate!!!! Skinny minnie!!!


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