Friday, December 23, 2011

It hits again...

I thought maybe I would be able to escape the flu, but no such luck. I'm hoping now that all 3 of us have had it within 3 days, that hopefully it's gone and we will not pass it on to anyone. I am feeling somewhat better...I am trying to scrub and sanitize and shampoo carpets, and do laundry as much as I can, but I'm not going to lie--I have NO energy! I REALLY am hoping all gets done so we can have Christmas at our house tomorrow with my family as planned...
I have to share this little story..there was no picture taken, but you can visualize! When we went to bed last night, I cuddled up on the bathroom floor (just made more sense) and Brad and Braxton went to bed...Braxton knowing I was sleeping on the bathroom floor. I woke up ill at 3am...alone in my bathroom. Woke again at 5:30am, to find Braxton had carried his pillow pet into the bathroom doorway, and layed down beside me. For some reason he didn't bring blankets in with him, but was obviously cold, as I found him covered up by towels!!! I thought that was pretty cute. All them times he helped put laundry away payed off:) Good thing he knew where to find them:)

I hope everyone has A WONDERFUL Christmas Eve!!!!!

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