Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 Days and counting down.....

We are ALL excited for Santa to come here at the Busselman House!!! I am SO anxious to start some family traditions for our family of 3!!! The last few years we did a few things, but this will be the start of him actually remembering from year to year!! I cannot believe HOW MUCH this child remembers!!!!

I hope things go as well as planned...Braxton came down with the flu Tuesday afternoon and it held on strong til 5:30am....Wednesday night he seemed good...then Wednesday night-Thursday early a.m., Brad was lucky enough to catch it...Needless to say I'm spending every second at work these days!!! I am just awaiting my turn:( I HOPE and PRAY we DO NOT pass this on to anyone...although I'm hearing it is everywhere!!!

He wasn't sick in this picture, but he kinda looks sad....buck up butter cup:)
he was just REALLY into Donald Duck!
If you look at the previous picture...look at my little rudolph the red nosed reindeer! He had a minor accident at school earlier this week...even got himself his first bloody nose! They tell me he's a bleeder, but a trooper;)

What makes every little boy feel better?!?!? Duh...a tractor, combine, wagon, and semi from Jerry!!! I was at work when this all took place, Brad even took pictures (maybe he is more trained than I thought-good man!) but as I'm looking at this picture, it dawns on me that Jerry can wrap! Way to go Jer:)

He was pretty proud when I got home! And please excuse my messy house---and my childs' unmatching jammies!!! It has been a little bit of chaios at our house this week...Which leads me to my next thought...if someone out there will finish my Christmas shopping, PLEASE let me know...I will willingly hand over my debit card!!! (I'm SERIOUS!!!)

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