Sunday, December 25, 2011


Saturday night was the kick off to our Christmas'. We hosted my family for a Christmas Eve supper. (thankfully we were all feeling somewhat better) The first time I was to host Christmas, was 2 years ago...the GIGANTIC snow storm:( So only Dad & Jody had made it. SO, I was really excited this year! We (okay, Brad) made a prime rib and smoked a turkey, but I take credit for the twice baked potatoes, corn, and cheesecake;)mmmm!!! The kids had SO much fun playing together! Braxton was so excited all day! We made the mistake of telling him that when he got up from nap, Charli and Harper would be here--that little stinker cut his nap short...but we still did okay...

He HAD to build a wall he tells me?!?
His teacher, Ms. Krys gave him a dry erase board. He was practicing B's and C's on it

I told him to smile...and he made a monster face instead:)

The kids happened to be sitting like this so I told them to show me a face...I'm liking what I'm getting;)

----oops----accidentally deleted a grandparents photo...I will upload it later...moving on...

Our B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L niece her long sweater...NOT a dress!

...and her handsome lil bro, Harper!

Some would think I dressed the boys alike, but I DID NOT!!!!

Brax made Reindeer food at school, so before bed we were sprinkling it on the yard!--looks like it attracts pandas!!!

He made sure to remind Great Grandpa Allen that he needed a hug goodbye~

...and Grandpa Bob needed a hug, too he said~

I woke at 4:58A.M. to hear Braxton saying, 'come her mom...'

He played for a bit, and did end up going back to sleep til 7...whew!!!

Santa pulled thru and brought a semi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because ya'll know we had room for this train table...

We ALL got B&B Repair Sweatshirts!!!
p.s. Santa brought lots more...but I don't want to be judged, so I'm not posting anymore pics...LOL!!!


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