Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Halloween???

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!

Braxton has had a few days of A LOT of candy and treats! He's LOVIN' it!

I had a very sweet little surprise waiting for me at work from Brad...Thanks Honey!!! We spent the evening in a gym at sub-district basketball! It was a fun night...(and the girls won, too!)

Yes...I am really posting this!!! I walked into the bathroom to find this...he's reading a cabela's catalog...with his milk cup at his feet???...oh Braxton:)
When I told Braxton, 'you get treats today for Valentine's day', he replied with, 'mom, find my costume, I need to wear it so I will get treats'....he obviously remembers Halloween:) SO, of course we strutted around in the morning in our tiger costume! He was thrilled that it fit him yet:)

..and he Finally was willing to wear the gloves that went with his costume...only 4 months late...:0) little stinker

****P.S. Thanks (Karen) Sandy for the tractor!!!! You're the BEST!!!****

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