Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some Random Pictures To Share...

Brad was gone one I did something that DOES NOT typically happen...Braxton slept with me!!! He knew it was a treat!!!

Helping himself to the fridge

He loves to put his slippers on himself! I love this photo...
at the superbowl party..lovin his pickles :)

...a little game of pool with Jawee


This is the conversation going on in my house as I type...
Braxton:"I need some money dad."

Dad:"You do?"


Dad:"how much? How about 5 bucks?"

Braxton:"no...lots. 100!"

Dad:"100 dollars??"

Braxton"yep. 100."

Dad:"how about I give it to you tomorrow so you can put it in your pocket?"

Braxton:" I don't loose it dad?"

Dad:"yep. and if you get lost you can buy lunch.'

Braxton:"buy lunch?"...."Aw shucks...I'm not gunna buy lunch!"

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