Sunday, February 26, 2012

ReAdY...sEt...TAKE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Braxton got to go on his 1st airplane ride last week!!! Him and I last minute made a quick get a way to Fountain Colorado to see my Sis, Jen, and her family!!! For the whole week he knew about the trip, he counted down days and was SOOO anxious!!!! I was pretty nervous to fly with him, especially by ourselves, but I can gladly report that he did FANTASTIC!!!! (yes, I'm bragging!) He did better than me...I don't like flying all that much:(
He spotted that plane out the airport window and said it was ours...he was right!
It didn't take him long to adjust his blanket and his helicopter (thanks! Grandma Sheri) and buckled himself in!!!Braxton & Mommy ready for take off:)What a great surprise! We got chocolate chip cookies and apple juice on the flight! The attendant was Sooo sweet to Braxton the entire trip!! By the end of the flight, she was his, 'new friend, and she's a girl mom..she's like my girlfriend" . When we were getting close to landing it got a little rough (nothing like the roughness we encountered on our flight home though:() and he was coloring and it was hilarious, "whoooaaa, guy, stop driving so crazy....whooooaaa guy, you are making my color bad, whoooaaa guy, you are funny"...these were just a few things that he entertained the fellow passengers with:) After we finally found our way through the airport, Uncle Justin was there to greet us!!The boys were SO excited to see each other!!!Aunt Jen & Uncle Justin took us to Build A Bear! I've never been! It was adorable! Thankful I didn't have a daughter in that store!! WOW!!! You can get sketcher shoes for these bears!! OMG! Braxton picked a camoflauge bear and a firefighter outfit...because, "my dad's a firefighter, right mom?!" Right buddy!! He even picked camo undies for this bear:)Sorry Jen, had to post this pic! Braxton was scaring her with snakes..and it was just too cute not to share:)This is a little tough to see, but she was making him things with playdoh and he was admiring her! SO CUTE!!! He was ALL about his Aunt Jen!!!You know when you tell a 2 year old to say CHEESE...and they do?!?!? This is the face you get!!! HA* Love this little blondie!!!***SISTERS***Argh...Moon-doh...Braxton's new favorite thing!!! I HATE HATE HATE you can imagine how I felt about this new thing..but it actually isn't bad! I like it more than play-doh at least. Good thing, because I have a feeling it will be in my house soon enough:)For days he wanted to 'pet the deer', and Justin finally let him;)Crafty Jen and her projects! She was making each of the kids a toy..he got a tractor...that he LOVES!The kids all played so good together...Braxton was pouncing all over Londyn one night. She loved it!Monkey See-Londyn Do!!! I had this head band in all day, and she went to her room and came out with this on! "Like Manna". This girl is GIRLIE!!!!!!!! And I mean GIRLIE!!!! I suppose since I don't have a girl it seemed to catch my attention more? She has to have EVERYTHING pink!!!!I got to take Conner to school, but before we could, the boys had to drive the trains, and Conner was the bridge:)My little buddy, Conner--just got his new glasses after we left. He looks very handsome in them!So much fun with bubbles!!!Trying to capture Pikes Peak for ya'll to see!As you can see it's hard to get 2 kids to look at you..with eyes open:) Wasn't joking...PINK icecream was a must!!He was anxiously awaiting take off to go back home-inwhich he did not want to leave:(This plane had tv's! We were late getting back home. The winds were so strong in Colorado that we were delayed a few hours. Semis were overturned on the interstate even! It was very very very rough taking off. Braxton was okay, not so much... but we made it eventually..MONSTER TRUCKS!!! (sort of) were in Madison this weekend. For those of you who went, you understand why I said 'sort of', and for those of you who didn't make it, well, you didn't miss much. Braxton did enjoy them, so that's good!Family Fun DayGrandpa & Grandma took us out to eat for my birthday!Looky looky who made me a cake!!?!? He got to do the sprinkles all by himself!!! Would've you ever guessed???The little stinker was eating the sprinkles while I was trying to get a picture:)
Thanks Boys, for making my birthday so special!!
Thanks Jen for letting us come tear your house apart and stay!!! We had so much fun! And sorry for all the comments my child made....I would share them with all, but Braxton needs a filter on his mouth. No bad words were said,'s one example for ya,
At the airport:
Braxton:" hey man?? Hey man you have a baby in your tummy? Cuz you have a really big belly. But only grrls have babies, right mom? Why's his tummy so big mom????"
Ahh...the mouth of a 2.5 year old YIKES!!!!!!!!!!

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