Saturday, February 11, 2012

WHO AM I???!!

Can you take a look at this picture and guess who Braxton is?!?!

Clue: Who always has a hat on with a pencil in it?!?! YEP!!! GENE WERNER!!:) He randomly grabs his hat and asks for a pencil, so 'I can be Gene Werner mom'....gotta love it:)

TA-DA!!! He lined up every train he had and placed them in a nice order on the track..if you can look closely, he has a 'man' driving each one as well...
Because we have Sooo much room in our house, we decided to bring the tent back out! He not only naps in it, but sleeps inside there at bed time! Hey, don't judge me...he has a bed, but refuses to sleep in it! (and don't get me wrong..I LOVE our cozy little home, and am VERY thankful...just wish it were bigger!!!)

Braxton was at the shop and told Brad he NEEDED this flash light for something. When we got home, he lifted the hood of his JD tractor and turned the light on and said, "now I can farm in the dark mom." He had a plan all along:)

Braxton was soooo excited that Brandon (Werner) came over to play! (are you seeing a trend with these Werner's and my son?!)

Braxton got to spend Thursday with Great Grandma Korfus (Korth)...and he was so proud of his bag he packed...notice my upside down laundry basket...I mean, Braxton's new step stool.

When it snowed last week, we went outside. Braxton was so happy to play with his 'outside toys', he grabbed the first thing he saw and ran! Yep, we are moving snow with a combine! Hey, JD's can do anything:)

I PROMISE he is smiling so big under all that clothes!!!

Mommy *Braxton going outside to play in the snow!!!

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