Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thoughts this Sunday...

Brax: mommy, can I see your mints?

mom: Buddy, you won't like them, they are hot.

Brax: mom!!! I did NOT ask you for one, I only asked to see them!

Well...put me in my place please!!:)


Brax: Mom, where does snow come from?

mom: well, Jesus made it snow.

Brax: No mom! He didn't! The clouds made it snow!

Mom: well, yea, I guess they did.

Brax: Mom, why does it snow?

Mom: I think Jesus and the clouds made it snow because we need the moisture.

Brax: oh yea! And mom, it snows for Santa, too! right mom?!


Brax: Mom, can we have a baby Isiah?

mom: well, let me call his mommy and see if we can borrow him.

Brax: Mom, I want my own baby, and I want him to have crazy hair, okay mommy?!


Brax:Mom, it's gonna be my birfday soon. April 7.

Mom: No, Braxton, April 27..

Brax: Yea mom, that's what I said, April 7!


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