Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh Lady...

 Aunt Kelly and Braxton went bug catching Sunday morning...we now have this beautiful lady bug in or home:)  And it better remain in this container!!!
 If you look closely to the center of the photo...under the stick....see it...????
 My little turkey hunter!!  "daddy got one, but not me:(" he said...
But he did come home with this new skidloader.  Now we only have 3!!!  It's Braxton's birthday Month I guess you could say!  He got a jeep, trailer and motorcycle last week with his dad, this yesterday...hmmm...and who spoils him?!?!?!  Brad's birthday is tomorrow, the 23rd, Braxton wants to get him a tractor!  I'm telling you, he's got it all figured out:)

Hope everyone had a great Sunday!  Brad and Braxton planted some things in the garden while I mowed in the wind....ugh!  Hate the wind!!!  But love that summer days are near!!!

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