Thursday, April 19, 2012

Watching t.v. a princess comes on the screen,
Braxton says: "oh mom, she is beautiful!"
Mom: "she sure is"
Braxton: "mom, is she a princess because she listens to her mommy?"
Mom: "she sure is! Do you listen to your mommy?"
Braxton: "yep mom. sure do. welllll......sometimes mom. not all the time. but that's okay, right mom???"
Mom: "oh Braxton. you should always listen to your mom."
Braxton: "yep mom. and dad, too cuz he's the boss. right mom?!"
no comment!!!
Walking today..
Mom:" hurry up buddy, we gotta get to the store to get our blocks."
Braxton: "oh mommy, you mean the menards store??!"
Mom: "yep, that's the one."
At Bathtime last night...
( I was trimming his over due toenails!!!)
Braxton:" mom, the new boy at daycare, you know the one with the triangle shape head that sits in the green chair mom, he cut my toes with his finger. who is he mom????"
I apologize if this is your child my son is talking about, I'm sure he's adorable!!! I just found it funny that he knows that faces have shapes! And in his defense, there is a new (i sure hope this mom doesn't read my blog!)
Mr. Handy man
Going to be a great summer of fishing!!

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